Xbox 360 1 Hour Repair For Red Lights Problem

The Xbox 360 is a video game console using which you can play high end graphics games whenever you wish. These devices are not like other ordinary gaming consoles where you cannot install games in them. Adding to this, there are few drawbacks in normal gaming consoles like the low storage space, poor graphics, etc which lead to the development of second generation of video gaming console. Xbox 360 was introduced by Microsoft and the notable thing is that the hardware for the console is developed by Microsoft and the code for the chip components in the motherboard was also written by Microsoft programmers.

Xbox and Xbox 360 are two entirely different versions. Xbox 360 came out in the year 2005 with advance technology than the normal Xbox version. Now, problems have aroused with the Xbox 360’s hardware performance. Many have complained about the hardware failure in the latest version than its previous version. Majority have complained about the frequent red light blinking in the power ring area. Xbox 360 has a power button surrounding which you will able to see lights glowing in green and red. All together they are called as the power ring. This is somewhat similar to your PC like the lights blinking in green and red color when you start your PC. When the console starts it will glow in green and shows the user that it has started without any problem. But, if there is any problem within the device then even though it has started, the device lights will be glowing in red color.

The error has aroused because of the overheating of the console. The heat sinks placed above the microprocessors have failed to absorb the heat developed in the area. Thus causing the GUI to fail to start because of the over heat. Though internal coolers have been provided to the processors in order to cool them the heat developed is extraordinary that the cooling becomes inadequate. Because of these problems, the hardware signals the user about the problem in the hardware by glowing red light. If your console had similar kind of problem then you will observe three red lights in the power ring. This error is called as ‘The Red Ring of Death’ or simply as RRoD.

The error occurred can be solved permanently. You can give your console to the Microsoft service centre to repair the console if you have a warranty for it. But, the drawback is that you have to wait up to 3 months till the repair work gets over and it is shipped back to your home.

Still there is an alternative solution for this. You can repair the console on your own by watching some video tutorials in the internet. These videos will help you to repair the console. They will suggest only the removal of the X clamp from the motherboard. There are also some video samples for better understanding. The advantage in this method is that the console gets ready within an hour or two hours and you can start playing on the same day. It is very easy to repair your console and you don’t need to wait for months to get it back from Microsoft.